Corneal Abrasion
Corneal abrasions are a small scratch on the cornea. They are generally a result of trauma (injury) to the surface of the eye. Common causes include a fingernail scratching the eye, walking into something, and getting grit in the eye, particularly if the eye is then rubbed. Injuries can also be caused by contact lens insertion and removal.
Abrasions are very painful because there are many nerves that supply the cornea. The pain gets better as your eye heals, but this can take between 24 and 48 hours. If the abrasion involves the central part of your cornea, your vision could also be temporarily affected. Apart from the pain, your eye might be watery, red, swelling and sensitive to light.
If your eye becomes increasingly red or painful, your sight becomes more blurred or you develop very noticeable and spreading redness together with a lot of swelling of the eyelids, you must go to the hospital.

Treatments & Suggestions
Treatment generally involves a thorough examination of your eye and lids, to check for any trapped foreign body or grit and ensure there is no serious eye injury, followed by drops or ointment.You should also note the following:
  • You may take ordinary pain killers
  • Avoid rubbing or touching your eye
  • If you wear contact lenses, don’t use them until your eye is completely healed

Our Experts

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