Dry Eye
Dry eye known medically as keratoconjunctivitis sicca or keratitis sicca, is a condition where there is a problem with the production of tears.

Usually eyes feel irritated, scratchy, dry and uncomfortable. Eyes may be red and there may be a burning sensation, or it may feel as if there is something in the eye like grit or an eyelash. Sometimes there may be periods of blurred vision but these normally go away after a short while or on blinking. Sometimes eyes may water too much and often eyes won’t actually feel dry but you may notice that there are no tears when you are sad.
The Causes
The surface of the eye is continuously bathed by a layer of tear which keeps the eye wet, if the quantity or quality of tear is abnormal, it will cause the irritation of the eyes and damage of the ocular surface.

Dry eye may be part of the natural aging process, especially during women menopause. It can also be caused by insufficient blinking or eyelid problems, medications like antihistamines, oral contraceptives and antidepressants, a dry climate, wind and dust, long time wearing of contact lenses, general health problems like arthritis or Sjogren's syndrome and chemical or thermal burns to your eyes.
Treatments & Suggestions
Many approaches can be taken to treatment, which can be summarised as: avoidance of exacerbating factors, tear stimulation and supplementation, increasing tear retention, eyelid cleansing and treatment of eye inflammation, and using artificial tears.

BE AWAER that many eye drops, especially artificial tears, cannot be used while your contact lenses are in your eyes. Remove them before using drops and wait 15 minutes or even longer (check the label) before reinserting the lenses.