Eye Care Tips

Eye Care Tips for Nearsightedness
  • Good posture and lighting equal good vision. Bad posture like lying down in close work causes one eye works harder than the other. Remind your child to sit up straight and keep the work at elbow length when reading and writing.
  • Keep a balanced diet. Eat enough vegetables and fruits. Less sweets intake may reduce the risk of nearsightedness.
  • More outside activities will keep your eyes healthy and help minimize eyestrain.

Eye Care Tips for Older People
  • Regular eye examinations are essential for early dianosis and treatment for any problems that may crop up, especially for older people with diabetes and hypertension.
  • Do not rub eyes with dirty hand to avoid the bacterial infection.
  • Choosing the right glasses: protect vision with regular eye examinations, your eye doctor can advise you about the right fit for you.


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