Protect Your Eyes in Polluted Haze Days

It's another day when the city is shrouded in heavy pollution haze. We shut up door and window at home although we know we can’t keep the polluted air out. We put air purifier in the room for self-comfort purpose. We wear masks when we have to go out. In such prolonged pollution, it's not only respiratory disease that we need to be careful with. Aier Intech eye doctors suggest we also need to take proper measures to protect our eyes. When in long contact, some  airborne particles in the smog can  do  harm to  human eye,especially parts  like  conjunctiva and  cornea, causing dry  eye,irritating ,itchy,sensitive to lights and higher risk for infection etc.

Following doctors' instructions can help protecting eye health.
1. Avoid outdoor activities and do not rub eyes with unwashed hands.
2. Keep door and windows closed.
3. Rinse hands and face thoroughly when back to home.
4. Do not wear contact lenses in hazy days as they increase risks of infection and when going outside, wear protecting eye glasses is a good way to keep eyes away from pollution.
5. DIY hot compress or steam therapy are easy ways to help relieve dry and scratchy eyes. Make sure the towel is not too hot and 10 to 15 minutes of compress will effectively improve the condition. In steam therapy you bend over two cups of hot water to keep the steam disperses to your eyes —also beware the steam should not be too hot to prevent burning.
6. If eyes get irritated,visit eye doctor for proper treatment. Do not buy OCT eye drops without consulting eye doctor.


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