A Special Police Story

A man with bravery, struggle, dedication against the criminals; a man with perseverance, equanimity, concern protect people; a man named police. Today, we will tell you a special  story which is an Angola police seeing the eye doctor in Beijing Aier Intech Eye Hospital after an injury when arresting criminals.


One year ago, a brave young police’s right eye got wounded by flying bottle when he was chasing the suspect. The wound bled profusely. He was urgently sent to the hospital. This brave man was Edvanio. He was treated at his local hospital in Angola. Although his eyeball was saved, his eyesight dropped rapidly from 1.5 down to only close seeing the shadow. Consequently his life and work had been greatly affected and since then he became taciturn.


One year later, Edvanio and his father came to Beijing Aier Intech Eye Hospital for help. Edvanio’s father works for Angola Embassy Beijing. He has heard the hospital from his colleague, who went to Beijing Aier Intech Eye Hospital for eye treatment. He was told that the international clinic of the hospital provided advanced medical skills and excellent services. Therefore, he took Edvanio and the translator together to see the eye specialist in Beijing Aier Intech Eye Hospital.

Professor Li Shaowei, director of Beijing Aier Intech Eye Hospital, specializing in Glaucoma/Cataract/Corneal Diseases, had examined Edvanio. Edvanio’s eye condition was very complex.  There were many bad eye conditions including an oblique scar on the cornea, 6 - point iris and corneal adhesion, pupil vertical ellipse, pupillary organization membrane, 6-point missing lens, and unseen retinal condition. Although Edvanio’s eye conditions were awful, Professor Li expressed that a surgery could be considered to treat his eye. For the moment, Edvanio and his father were delighted to hear the good news. However, he also told them the difficulties and risks of the surgery. At last, Edvanio and his father decided to try this last chance.

Edvanio was a little bit of nervous due to the language issue on the surgery of the day. He only speaks Portuguese. The clinic doctor used electronic translator to communicate with Edvanio and tried to relieve his nervousness. At the beginning of the surgery, everything went well. However, Professor Li met with difficulties when separating the membrane. According to abundant clinical experiences and professional medical skills, Professor Li finally solved the problem. He cut the pupillary organization membrane, implanted lens. Then he checked there was no vitreous separation in anterior chamber, no anterior chamber bleeding. The operation was success!


The first day after the surgery, Professor Li examined Edvanio’s eye. Edvanio recovered very well. There was no obvious edema or other inflammatory response. His lens position was stable. And furthermore his eyesight has improved from 10/20 to 20/20. When he came to the hospital for check, his vision has a great improve, surprisingly attained to 40/20. Both Edvanio and his father were overjoyed. Edvanio was delightful to see and to regain confidence. They thanked for the effort of Professor Li and all the staffs in the hospital. 

Professor Li and Edvanio from different countries, in different jobs, however, hold the same belief——guardian.The police protect people’s life and property. The ophthalmologists protect people’s eyesight. They are the same, same great. We are proud of Edvanio and Professor Li, Shaowei. Blessing their friendship!


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