LASIK & Femto LASIK Surgery

This kind of surgery is a good choice for those people with refractive errors.


By creating a corneal flap with microkeratome and using the computer guided excimer laser beam to cut and permanently reshape the cornea, LASIK and LASEK to restore your sharp eagle eye. The procedure takes about 20 minutes. Anaesthetic is applied before the operation to make the operation painless. A device is used to create a small "flap" in the surface of the cornea. The excimer laser beam is then focused on the corneal surface for between 10 to 30 seconds to permanently reshape the cornea by precise selective tissue removal.


Blade-Free, all-laser LASIK has become the method of choice for all those who seek the best vision correction available, but do not like the idea of a blade cutting into their eyes.  Utilizing the latest technological advancements in laser technology, Aier-Intech Eye Hospital International LASIK Center can now offer our patients the Blade-Free experience that provides an unprecedented level of safety, precision and comfort, in an effort to obtain the highest quality of post operative vision possible.
At Aier Intech LASIK Center, we employ WaveLight® Suite with the most advanced equipment-WaveLight® FS200 and WaveLight® EX500-to make the most precise and effective treatment available. This technology enable ophthalmologist to create a "map" of your eye, measure full details of refractive power and cornea graphically, and capture its unique features. This revolutionary technique gives ophthalmologist the ability to customize each eye’s surgery so as to get the best results for your vision.

Main advantages of FemtoSecond-LASIK over Conventional LASIK

  • Better treatment for thin corneas

  • Eradicate iatrogenic infection3 Gentler and safer surgery

  • Faster vision recovery

  • Better post-surgery visual quality

  • Minimizing cut-related complications

Our Experts          Li Shaowei, Professor      Zhou Ji Hong