The ReLEx SMILE is an important new development in refractive surgery. It combines the extensive experience and superior safety of vision correction treatments such as LASIK, with the additional benefits of using just one small minimally invasive “flap-less” incision. This enables maximum protection of healthy tissue, increased comfort immediately following treatment and short healing times.

SMILE, which stands for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction, is an excellent option for younger patients with higher levels of shortsightedness that are contact lens intolerant or for those wishing to return quickly to contact sports after treatment.

How do I know which treatment is right for me?

At Beijing Aier Intech Eye Hospital you will be treated exclusively by our eye specialists. At your first consultation our specialist will undertake a full examination of your eyes and consider your current prescription. Only then will they give you professional advice on which procedure will best suit your individual needs.

As we offer all the proven lens implantation and laser sight correction procedures, you can be assured that your treatment options won’t be limited.

Difference between LASIK, SMILE and surface laser treatment (LASEK and TransPRK)

In SMILE a lens shaped piece of corneal tissue (the lenticule) is removed intact to achieve sight correction, whereas in LASIK the lenticule is vaporised by the excimer laser.

There is no corneal flap in SMILE, and therefore no risk of LASIK flap dislocation.

SMILE is good options for patients seeking an early return to contact sport.

The lenticule is removed at a similar depth in the cornea in both LASIK and SMILE.

Patients with thinner corneas are more suited to surface laser treatments.

All forms of laser eye surgery, including SMILE, may be associated with dry eye side effects after surgery. These are usually mild and temporary.LASIK and surface laser treatments may be more accurate than SMILE for lower corrections; SMILE may be more accurate for correcting higher levels of short-sight.