Intraocular Lenses (IOL)
Beijing Aier Intech Eye Hospital provides an unlimited and bespoke range of life-changing of lens replacement treatments for conditions such as cataracts, presbyopia, long/short sight and more. 

Trifocal lens
Beijing Aier Intech Eye Hospital offers you the next generation of multifocal intraocular lenses (IOL’s) – the trifocal. This implant gives patients a better chance to enjoy clear vision at all distances with maintained contrast sensitivity and lower visual disturbance.
The older generation multifocal lenses offer clear distance and near vision, however they are least clear for intermediate vision and can result in glare and haloes especially with night driving. The trifocal implant has the advantage of offering clear intermediate as well as distance and near vision with minimal glare and haloes at night.


Light Adjustable Lens
The Light Adjustable Lens is probably the greatest leap forward in lens implant technology since the first implant was used almost exactly 60 years ago. It is simply the most technologically advanced implant available which can be adjusted after surgery to give the best vision possible for each individual eye without glasses.
Almost everyone over the age of 40 or so will be affected by presbyopia or cataracts.
The only treatment for cataracts is surgery where the ageing lens is removed and replaced with an artificial one. Cataract surgery is the commonest operation performed worldwide with over 14 million procedures carried out each year. 
The lens is implanted using a micro-incision surgical technique where no stitches are required as day case surgery. Approximately 2 weeks after surgery when the wound has healed the patient returns for an adjustment of the lens to achieve the best vision possible. More than one adjustment is possible if required before the lens is ‘locked’. It will never need to be replaced and will last forever. The adjustment to optimize your vision is permanent and it will never again need readjustment.


Multifocal Lens
Beijing Aier Intech Eye Hospital is a leading eye hospital for multifocal implants with our surgeons having implanted over 10,000 lenses of various designs. Our wealth of experience allows us to identify which implant is most suitable for you. Whether it’s reading a book or working on a computer, driving or playing a sport, multifocal implants can give you the freedom from glasses to perform the activities that are most important to you.