Advanced Equipment
At Beijing Aier Intech Eye Hospital, there are more than 300 sets of medical equipment that can be divided into surgical, diagnosis and therapy equipment. In order to provide best and full-range eye care services for patients, we are updating medical equipment rapidly. Beijing Aier Intech Eye Hospital has state-of-the-art medical equipment: such as Heidelberg SL-OCT, U.S. Alcon WaveLight FS200 & EX500, U.S. Alcon Constellation, UltraQ Reflex YAG, Zeiss Humphrey 750i, etc.

Here is an overview of a small part of our medical equipment:

   1. VisuMax®——ReLEx SMILE laser for refractive treatment


  • Implementation of the treatment procedure in one step;

  • Gentle and minimally invasive treatment method;

  • No corneal flap creation needed - minimal incision;

  • Painless during and after the treatment;

  • Implementation of the whole treatment process exclusively with the use of the femtosecond laser;

  • Considerably high predictability of the results of the operation even at high degrees of shortsightedness (myopia);

  • Absence of the visual field defects in the process of treatment;


2.WaveLight® Suit ——refractive treatment

WaveLight®FS200 Femtosecond Laser


  • Customized Lasik for each eye

  •  Precisely Focused on Accuracy

  •  Optimized Shot Distribution

  • Safe and gentle 

Wavelight®EX500 Excimer Laser

  • Highly precise treatments

  • Less dehydration of the cornea

  • Fewer influences through patient movements

3.LenSx® Leaser——for refractive cataract procedure


  • Enhanced procedure automation

  • Precise and customizable incision architecture

  • Versatile fragmentation patterns

  • Simple and efficient

  • Innovative, high-definition OCT technology

  • high accuracy, minimal invasion

4.infiniti® Vision Syetem——Phaco Machine for cataract surgery 

  • Minimal invasive, efficient and faster recovery

  • Customized power modulations that provide an unsurpassed range of energy options for different patient needs

  • The unique OZil® Torsional Handpiece reduces repulsion and improves followability

  • Reduces IOP fluctuation

  • Reduces post-occlusion surge

5.Ultra Q Reflex™——for the treatment of vitreous strands and opacities


  • pain-free, non-invasive laser procedure

  • a few risk of side effects

  • Better post-surgery visual quality

  • The 1st in Beijing to use laser to disperse eye floaters

  • Beijing Aier Intech took the lead in the introduction of it

  • The only YAG laser designed to perform vitreolysis