Pick-up & Drop-off Service
Are you annoyed at Beijing crowded subway/bus? Do you often lose your way when going to the hospital? Have you found it’s hard to find a place to park in most hospitals? Now, all the problems are the things of the past. 

For patients’ convenience, Beijing Aier Intech Eye Hospital provides pick-up service & drop-off for patients.

Pick-up Service
Pick-up service is a privilege provided to our patients of International & VIP Clinic.

Before coming to our hospital, please make sure to contact us and make an appointment. And of course you are supposed to tell us the location in advance where we shall pick you up as long as in Beijing. Then we will arrange vehicle and work staff to pick you up and take you directly to our hospital. After the visit, we will also arrange the driver to take back to your place. 
If you needn't the service and don't know how to get to our hospital:  Click here and get to know the direction to our hospital