Laser Eye Treatment
Laser eye surgery involves precise reshaping of the cornea to correct focus using an excimer laser guided by information from pre-operative tests. These tests include detailed optical maps of your eye from wavefront scans and corneal topography. Procedures are normally performed consecutively to both eyes on the same day.

This is a commonly performed laser eye treatment. For LASIK two different types of laser are used. First, a femtosecond laser creates a thin protective layer by tracing a 3D pattern of tiny gas bubbles through the corneal tissue. This hinged layer is lifted back by the surgeon before an excimer laser reshapes the cornea to correct focus. The protective flap is then replaced to complete the procedure.

 At Aier Intech LASIK Center, we employ WaveLight® Suite with the most advanced equipment-WaveLight® FS200 and WaveLight® EX500-to make the most precise and effective treatment available. This technology enable ophthalmologist to create a "map" of your eye, measure full details of refractive power and cornea graphically, and capture its unique features. This revolutionary technique gives doctors the ability to customize each eye’s surgery so as to get the best results for your vision.

After approximately 3-6 hours the surface cell layer heals around the edge of the flap and sight begins to improve. 


This is a new procedure using only a single femtosecond laser, where a thin lens-shaped pattern is created inside the corneal tissue under the corneal surface. This lens shape (lenticule) is removed through a small incision also created by the laser. The lenticule dimensions are tailored to correspond to the sight correction required, and most combinations of short-sight and astigmatism can be corrected.

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