Professor Min Yan

 Professor Min Yan
  Director of  Ophthalmoplasty Center

 Areas of expertise:           - Ocular malformation
                                          - Ocular plastic


Professor  Min Yan, former Beijing Tongren Hospital ophthalmologist (1988-2005), is the director of Beijing Aier Intech Eye Hospital Ophthalmoplasty Center. As a visiting scholar, Dr. Min went to the United States and advanced herself in Ophthalmoplasty and Ophthalmic microsurgeries in 1992 and she founded the Ophthalmoplasty Department at Tongren Hospital when she returned from the U.S.

During the years 2005-2007, Professor Min worked at Peking University Third Hospital. She did her medical practice, teaching and research in the Ophthalmoplasty Department in their Eye Center.

Superbly skilled in fine detailed eye plastic surgeries, Professor  Min has been able to use her rich experience to break away from the more traditional surgical procedures to achieve a higher level of results for her clients/patients. She has published 40 medical papers and had a role in the composition of 5 monographes.

Professor Min delivers a rich contribution to the popularization of Ophthalmoplasty knowledge by giving lectures in National Ophthalmoplasty classes as well as on Television, Broadcasting, and in newspapers and magazines.

Professor Min was awarded the National Women's Flag Medal and was elected as the Representative of the National Women's Congress and is a member of the 9th, 10th and 11th Political Committee.