Mutilingual Service
At Beijing Aier Intech Eye Hospital International Clinic, we see patients from over 40 countries and regions on average every month. Given that we provide multilingual service, including Mandarin, English, Korean, Japanese, German and Russian. The staff is multilingual and service-orientated, with a strong desire to meet the needs of every patient. Therefore, you can be totally relived of language difficulties. 

Our multilingual Doctors

   Director of International & VIP Clinic            
   Language:Mandarin, English

  Professor Li Shaowei
   Director of Beijing Aier Intech Eye Hospital     
   Language:Mandarin, English   

  Dr.Zhao Chenxi
Eye Doctor of Optometry center                    

Our Multilingual Staff

  Miss Kim
   Customer Service Representative              
   Language:Mandarin, English,Korean, German


  Miss Dai
   Customer Service Representative              


  Miss Shaw
  Customer Service Representative