Professor Li Shaowei

  Professor Li Shaowei
    Director of Beijing Aier Intech Eye Hospital
    Language: Mandarin, English

Areas of expertise:           -  Corneal Diseases
                                  -  Cataract
                                  -  Corneal Transplatation

  • Prf. and tutor of Postgraduate student
  • Aier School of Ophthalmology, Central South University
  • CEO, Beijing Aier Intech Eye Hospital
  • Director, Aier Corneal Institue
  • Vice chairmen of scholarship committee, Aier eye hospital group
  • Chairmen, Aier Eye Bank
  • Chairmen, Corneal diseases group of Aier eye hospital group
  • Director, Aier Cornea Institute
  • Chairmen, Corneal group of Chinese non-government medical instituteions association
  • 8th council member of Chinese Ophthalmological Society(COS)
  • 8th council member of COS cataract subspecialty group
  • member of standing committee of 7th Liaoning provincial ophthalmological society
  • Major in clinical and basic study on corneal diseases, cataract, refractive surgery.
  • Dedicated to  improving treatment results by creating and modifying techniques, rising social benefits by trainning, acting charity.
  • Is the first people doing femtosecond laser assisted corneal transplantation in China, and created non DSAEK procedure, subepithelial CXL and anterior capsule endothelial protecting techniques in the world.
  • During past 30 years, have performed more than 40,000 cases of cataract surgeries, and 5,000 cases of corneal transplantation. Published more than 100 papers.