A cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye leading to a decrease in vision. Symptoms of cataract include blurring of vision, colors appearing dull, haloes around lights and glare.
How cataract affects vision 
    Inside your eye, behind the iris and pupil is a lens. In a normal eye, this lens is clear. It helps focus light rays on to the retina, which sends messages to the brain.
When cataract develops, the lens becomes cloudy and prevents the light rays from passing on to the retina. The picture that the retina receives becomes dull and fuzzy.
Cataract usually forms slowly and most people experience a gradual blurring of vision.

The Causes
Cataracts are most commonly due to aging, but may also occur due to trauma, radiation exposure, be present from birth, or occur following eye surgery for other problems. Long term use of medications such as steroids is also risk for the development of cataracts. 

Types of Cataract
  • A nuclear cataract ——This is usually associated with ageing, and form deep in the center of the lens.
  • A sub-capsular cataract —— This is associated with people who have diabetes or have taken high doses of steroids. It forms in the back of the lens.
  • A cortical cataract —— This occurs in the lens cortex and is characterised by peripheral clouding which works its way toward the center of the lens.
 Treatments & Suggestions
Surgery is usually advised for treatment of contract. Phacoemulsification is the most widely used cataract surgery now. This procedure uses ultrasonic energy to emulsify the cataract lens which is aspirated out through at the same time, then implants the artificial lens. The surgery is completed without any need for stiches.

At Beijing Aier Intech Eye Hospital, we offer state-of-the-art-laser surgery for cataracts with the Femtosecond Laser. This provides a blade-free, highly accurate procedure to patients for the extraction of the clouded lens. Once the clouded lens has been removed, Beijing Aier Intech Eye Hospital can replace it with the widest range of intra-ocular lenses (IOL) to perfectly suit your needs.

Find out more about Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery and Intra-Ocular Lenses.
And as prevention, the following tips are suggested.
  • regular eye check-up
  • wear sunglasses when outdoors
  • eat a balanced diet
  • refrain from smoking
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